WhiteSmoke Vs Grammarly: Read This Before Buying!

Whether you're writing a presentation, school assignment, or article, the vital thing you need to ensure is that your text is error-free. For online publishers and university students, it's also essential that your work is plagiarism-free. That is why you need software that will proofread your work and provide corrections.

There was a time when the only resource for spell-checking was MS Word. However, now there are many innovative tools out there waiting to help you. Two of the famous grammar checkers that many people opt for are WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly.

These two software are elite and have many similar features, so if you're wondering which one to choose, we have got you covered. Today, we're going to tell you everything there is about these tools. 

So, without any further ado, let’s begin with WhiteSmoke.

What Is WhiteSmoke?

WhiteSmoke Writing

WhiteSmoke is a writing tool that checks your text for grammar, writing style, punctuation, and spelling errors. Its main aim is to suggest improvements and highlight all mistakes to clean your document of errors. You can use the software from a browser or any text application on your device.

The platform is used by native as well as non-native English speakers all over the world. It provides you an effective way to enhance your writing and produce concise and error-free content. This is accomplished by the use of NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology.

NLP uses rule-based algorithms to scan your writing and mimic the working of the human brain while writing. Besides that, the company is fully invested in developing its features and transcends the typical corrections. WhiteSmoke also offers other companies tailor-made apps to improve the quality of communication.

There have been many different versions of the software. The latest WhiteSmoke version has a new design and includes a lot of feature updates. This is aimed at giving the users an enriching experience.

What Does WhiteSmoke Offer?

Below are the three products that WhiteSmoke offers to users. All of them come with different features.

Desktop Premium

This is a precise and integrated feature that allows you to translate texts to 50+ languages. Not only that, but it lets you correct more than hundreds of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. The best part is that the tool can be used online as well as offline.

The Desktop Premium works in MS Word, Outlook, web browsers, and other editing tools. The feature also includes WhiteSmoke web-based and Desktop solutions to correct the errors in your work.

WhiteSmoke Web

The WhiteSmoke Web is a browser extension that enables you to log into the platform and start writing. The algorithm will scan and correct your grammar as you go on. People call this feature a powerhouse for web-based writing as you can use all the tool's main features.

In the future, the company aims to introduce writing and video tutorials, templates, and many other features to ensure no error is missed.

Mobile App

The WhiteSmoke application is available on both Google Play and the iOS App Store. Once installed, you can benefit from the style, punctuation, and grammar check on the go. Besides that, you can also access writing tutorials to improve your writing skills.

How Does WhiteSmoke Work?

The software has a straightforward interface. Once you've installed it on your smartphone or computer, you can edit everything you type. The spelling errors are highlighted in red, whereas the grammatical mistakes are marked with green.

WhiteSmoke suggests changes and also explains them. This aims to help you improve your grammar and avoid making the same error. But, of course, you can also ignore the amendment if you disagree with it or it was intentional.

WhiteSmoke Translator

The platform also has a translator tool that is useful if you work with international clients. Within several minutes, the tool will translate your document into the desired language. The only downside is that you’ll have to pay extra. 

Some of the text will be translated free. However, after exceeding the minimum limit, you will be charged seven cents for each word. Besides that, it is not clear how many languages the platform supports. Some say that it can only translate eleven languages, while others claim it's 50+.

WhiteSmoke Plagiarism Checker

The Desktop, as well as Business plans of WhiteSmoke, offers plagiarism checking. This is an essential feature for content writers, authors, and students. That is because you can face serious consequences even if the plagiarism was accidental.

However, the downside of WhiteSmoke Plagiarism Checker is that you will have to pay credits for it. With each subscription, you always get 500 free credits for checking. But once you finish them, you will have to buy credits.

This can come as a blow as the yearly subscriptions are already costly, and they don't cover this primary feature.

How Accurate Is WhiteSmoke?

The website claim that WhiteSmoke is highly accurate for proofreading and correcting an error. But the platform does not catch all the mistakes. For example, sometimes it misses common capitalization mistakes.

Users also report that sometimes, it only picks up repetitive errors. However, it is accurate for catching the misuse of some terms. Other than that, client reviews on Trustpilot are full of complaints.

Pricing Plan Of WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke does not offer a free version like Grammarly. Besides that, it also does not provide a free trial. So, you cannot try the features of the packages before buying.

Another downside is that all plans are yearly. However, they do provide a demo video to help you choose the right package.

Here are the plans that the platform offers.

  • Desktop Premium for one year requires one payment of $79.95. So, each month costs $6.66
  • WhiteSmoke Web is billed as one payment of $59.95 annually. So, each month costs $5.00
  • The business plan costs $137.94 per year

What Is Included In The Plans?

Below are the features that are included in the packages.

WhiteSmoke Web

  • Grammar Checking
  • Plagiarism Checking
  • Translator

Desktop Premium

  • Grammar Checking
  • Plagiarism Checking
  • Translator
  • Instant Proofreading
  • Compatible with various writing platforms
  • One computer access only

Business Plan

This package is the most comprehensive one, as you can deduce by the pricing. It offers the following features:

  • Grammar Checking
  • Plagiarism Checking
  • Translator
  • Three computers access
  • Instant click proofreading
  • Access to Phone Customer Support
  • Download Warranty for an extended period

Now that you know everything about WhiteSmoke let's talk about Grammarly to make a fair comparison.

What is Grammarly?

What is Grammarly

Launched in 2009, Grammarly is now the most used grammar-checking software all around the world. The software uses AI technology to correct grammatical, punctuation, and contextual errors. 

The platform can also adapt to your writing. All you have to do is choose the suitable options from the goals tab that pops up whenever you check your work.

Unlike WhiteSmoke, they offer a free version with limited options. This feature is handy if you don't write professionally or want help with standard errors as it checks against over 150 rules.

Grammarly also offers premium versions with numerous features such as checking against 400+ grammar rules. The premium version also includes a plagiarism checker.

What Does Grammarly Offer?

Here are the four products that Grammarly provides to its users.

Grammarly For Microsoft Office

As the name implies, the tool is an add-on for Microsoft apps such as MS Word. The software provides you suggestions while you work on the online app. It scans as you write and grammar checks each sentence. 

This feature is handy if you don't want to waste time by writing all the text and then checking it together. All you need is an internet connection to benefit from this. The add-on is available to both free and premium users.

The only downside is that it isn’t compatible with Mac. However, you can still use the Grammarly site to check your work.

Grammarly Premium

This is the wow factor of the Grammarly platform. The Premium plan has monthly, annually, and quarterly subscriptions. We'll discuss the prices later, but the gist is the annual plan is cheaper than other subscriptions.

Many of you may compare the Grammarly Premium to WhiteSmoke's business plan. However, you should note that Grammarly's plan offers better features and gives more value for money.

Users gain access to grammar, punctuation, plagiarism, and spelling checks and suggestions for improving writing style. Other errors that are checked in the premium plan are:

  • Inconsistency in writing style
  • Impoliteness
  • Redundancy
  • Non-inclusive or slang language
  • Excessive use of passive voice

Grammarly also offers a human proofreading service, but this costs an additional amount. If you opt for this, you will be charged either per hour or per word.

Besides that, if you're unsure about choosing this package, you can see live examples on the website.

Grammarly Native Application

This is a straightforward app for Mac users. All you have to do is upload the file on Grammarly, and it will do the rest of the work.

Grammarly Keyboard

Android and iOS users don't have an app for Grammarly checking. However, they are offered the next best tool, which is the Grammarly Keyboard. This enables you to write in your apps easily and check the work instantly.

The application is free and available on almost all mobile devices.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

The advanced plagiarism checker of Grammarly is a handy tool for many writers and students. All you have to do is paste the text on the platform or upload your document. Then click on the plagiarism button at the bottom right of the screen.

Within seconds, the software will run a scan against about 16 billion web pages. Once the scan is complete, you'll get a comprehensive report of the plagiarized text. You will be pointed to the exact text that is alike, and the reference of the website is also provided.

You can make amendments right there on the Grammarly platform. When your text becomes unique, the plagiarism alert will go away. Other than that, the report also tells you the percentage of plagiarism.

The best part about Grammarly Plagiarism Checker is that, unlike WhiteSmoke, you won't be charged any extra amount.

How Accurate Is Grammarly?

Grammarly is listed as one of the best AI grammar checkers. The users find the interface easy and have pointed out the effectiveness of the platform. The errors are highlighted in red, and suggestions are offered too.

Besides that, Grammarly also provides additional suggestions to enhance your writing further. These are highlighted in blue. Additionally, users have reported that the software also points out monotonous sentences. These are underlined in green. The platform also has many positive reviews on TrustPilot.

Does Grammarly Have A Translator?

Unlike WhiteSmoke, this software does not provide a translator. However, Grammarly does offer to check different variants of English. It allows you to check and work in:

  • US English
  • UK English
  • Australian/New Zealand English
  • Canadian English

Pricing Plan Of Grammarly

  • The Annual Package, which is billed as one payment, costs $144. This means the monthly cost is only $12 allowing you to save about 60%
  • The Quarterly Package is billed as a single payment of $60, thus making your monthly damage $20
  • The Monthly Plan costs $30
  • Grammarly also offers a Business bundle for a minimum of three team members. It is billed annually and costs each member $12.5 every month

WhiteSmoke Vs Grammarly: Pros


  • Cheaper than Grammarly
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic translator tool available
  • Offers templates for documents


  • Simple interface
  • Highly accurate checking
  • Offers insights
  • Has a free version
  • Checks the tone and style
  • Quick and intuitive

WhiteSmoke Vs Grammarly: Cons


  • Slower than Grammarly
  • Less accurate
  • The web version is only compatible with browsers
  • No free version or free trial


  • Limited features in free version
  • It might be expensive for some

Final Verdict: WhiteSmoke Vs Grammarly

Although WhiteSmoke is more budget-friendly, Grammarly is the best choice if you want the best value of your money.

The tool is more than just a simple grammar checker and adapts to your writing style. Grammarly caters to all audiences, whereas WhiteSmoke is mainly useful if there is a language barrier.

They both are excellent programs, but we prefer Grammarly more. The tool is quick and best to enhance your writing.

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