ProWritingAid Vs Grammarly: Which One Is The Better Tool?

Writing flawlessly is a challenging task. You require good writing skills and should know the primary usage of terms. After all, would you prefer to read a passage full of errors?

Fortunately, in this era, we have editing tools to assist us. Programs such as ProWritingAid vs Grammarly are designed to ease the burden of writers. Both the platforms are well-known and used for grammar checking all over the world.

However, are you wondering which one to select for your venture? If so, worry no more. We are here to guide you and tell you all about them. 

What Is ProWritingAid?

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ProWritingAid is an advanced editing software and a grammar checker for writers, content creators, etc.

The style-checker services are unmatched. This program is efficient at optimizing your word choices, removing errors, editing grammar, and punctuation.

The platform offers a detailed report as well to help you improve your writing. In addition, ProWritngAid can integrate with the following services:

  • Google Chrome
  • Scrivener
  • MS Word
  • Google Docs
  • Google Docs
  • WordPress
  • Gmail

Besides that, the software also provides videos, quizzes, and in-app articles to improve your writing. Read my complete review to know more.

ProWritingAid: How Does It Work?

The editors of the software constantly update features and have turned ProWritingAid into a solid rival for competitors. It is more robust and evolved than other similar platforms. The program allows you to maintain the essence of your article and flags down any typo.

Besides that, the tool also alerts when overused words, undecipherable terms, and complex sentences appear in your text.

By offering you a free and a premium version, the software allows you to give more options. With the free version, you can scan a document of 500 words by uploading it or pasting the text.

Meanwhile, the premium plan unlocks your world to unlimited editing features. You also get access to the add-on tool for MS Word so that you can continue working within the app. ProWritingAid offers all the features that Grammarly provides and much more.

A famous option that no other platform except ProWritingAid offers is a free trial. Before signing up for the premium plan, you can opt for a two weeks free trial. The best part is that you don't have to share credit card details to test the software. 

What is Grammarly?

What is Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular grammar checker platforms that analyze and proofreads your content. Within seconds, the tool highlights all the errors in your document. It alerts you even at the most minute grammar mistake that you might have missed.

The platform provides concise feedback on your work and checks errors on documents and social media platforms. To enable this function, you will have to download the extension, which is, of course, free.

Grammarly also lets you:

  • Check your content according to different genres and styles
  • Check your work in the preferred English variant such as American, British, Canadian, and Australian
  • Personalize the software by allowing you to add new words in your personal Grammarly dictionary

Furthermore, Grammarly is compatible with all browsers and devices. I've written a detailed review of Grammarly that you can read here.

Grammarly: How Does It Work?

Grammarly is an editing tool that offers several plans to suit each individual's budget. Just like ProWritingAid, it provides a free plan as well as premium plans. If you're opting for the free option, you can use the platform by opening the site or installing an extension.

However, you should keep in mind that the free version is very limited. For many issues, the software will notify you about the problem, but it will ask you to subscribe to premium for exact identification. The Grammarly extension is also suitable for editing all types of text and highlights the errors.

The Web tool also allows you to write on Grammarly itself, and your work is checked right at the time. But we don't recommend this if your material is longer. That is because the process can become time-consuming and frustrating.

ProWritingAid Vs Grammarly: Features Comparison

1. Design

The first impression can be the wow factor that will attract you, or it can discourage you from using the software. In this category, both of the platforms are inviting and offer a straightforward interface. 


ProWritingAid provides a white page with the menu bar at the top. This is the type of design that many of you may be familiar with. On the top left corner, you can use the Realtime button to reveal the errors in your work. 

All the errors and suggestions are shown in the corrections tab on the left side of the screen. Once you've made the necessary changes, you can toggle back to the clean screen. 


This platform has a similar design as ProWritingAid. There is a blank white page where you can write, paste text, or upload a document. The main difference is that Grammarly shows all suggestions on the right side. 

Grammarly's design works reasonably well and is clean. Once you've made the changes, the corrections tab disappears automatically. 


In this category, there is no winner. ProWritingAid and Grammarly have an equally good design with minimum clutter. However, if I were to choose one, I'd pick Grammarly as it's easier to use.

2. Goals

Both platforms offer the option of setting goals that suit your writing style and defines your content.


The variety of options that ProWritingAid offers are numerous and allows you to be highly specific. Your initial set goals categories and the options within them are:


  • General


  • General
  • Abstract
  • Academic Essay
  • Admissions Letter
  • Book Review
  • Contrast and Compare Essay
  • Critique


  • General Business
  • Business Book
  • Business Case Study
  • Cover Letter
  • Email
  • Job Description
  • Marketing Text
  • Report
  • Memo


  • General Technical


  • General Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Children’s
  • All other genres of writing


  • General Casual


  • General Web Copy
  • Long Web Article
  • Short Web Article


  • General Script

All these set goals allow you to check any type of content and get the relevant suggestions accordingly. This will enable you to be as specific as you can be with your document.


Grammarly allows you to achieve the desired tone and define your writing by providing the following categories and options:


  • General
  • Knowledgeable
  • Expert


  • Informal
  • Neutral
  • Formal


  • Academic
  • Business
  • General
  • Email
  • Casual
  • Creative


  • Inform
  • Describe
  • Convince
  • Tell A Story

Besides these, the software allows you to set the desired tone as well.


It is with no doubt that ProWritingAid is the winner. The variety of options defeat Grammarly in all aspects.

3. Features


The software offers all features that Grammarly provides along with many other ones as well.

ProWritingAid provides over 25 different reports and provides a more significant analysis than other software on the market. Here are some of the features that it offers which are not included in the Grammarly plan.

  • Dialogue Check
  • Context Style Check
  • Sticky Sentence Report
  • Diction Report
  • Cliché Check
  • Detailed Explanations
  • Analysis of Sentence Structure

The list is never-ending, so it's better to stop here. If you wish to learn more about the features, you can visit the ProWritingAid website. Apart from that, the platform flags errors efficiently and smartly.

One of the outstanding features is that it points out sticky sentences. These are sentences that make your content boring and slows down the user. For each option, the tool offers a brief explanation and a link to a detailed one.


Grammarly comes with a grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checker. The software points out the typical mistakes as well as sentence structures. However, it does not offer a suggestion to fix the sentence fragments or enhancing clarity.

The platform also points out overuse of passive voice and gives you a writing score as per your set goals. The Grammarly Report includes details about the following:

  • Redundant words
  • Comma splice and usage
  • Tone detector
  • Style recommendations
  • Punctuations


ProWritingAid not only offers more goals and reports, but the depth of analysis is much greater than any other tool.

4. Plagiarism Checker

This feature is an essential option for writers as well as students. Both the platforms offer a plagiarism checker but still maintains their uniqueness.


The software checks your text for plagiarism against billions of online pages, published works, and academic papers.

You can run a scan for the MS Word add-on as well as on the online editor. The wow factor of the ProWritingAid plagiarism check is that it is conducted for offline sources too.

ProWritingAid highlights the part of your text that matches someone else’s content. It also allows you to see where similar ideas have been used and also the similarity percentage. The stats are aimed to help you phrase your sentences better and in a unique way.


Grammarly allows you to run a plagiarism scan easily through the website. By clicking on the plagiarism button, within seconds, a report will be generated. The algorithm compares your work against different web pages and publishes sentences.

The tool also provides links to the matching source and gives you an originality score as per the check. Grammarly also flags the text for which citations are required.


This one is a close call, but we choose ProWritingAid. That is because the plagiarism checker is more accurate than Grammarly's and runs a broader scan. 

5. Pricing


The platform offers three plans which are discussed below.

Free Plan

The packages are free for all and provide access to the following features:

  • 500-word count per document
  • Up to 19 reports
  • Summary of key errors

Premium Package

  • Monthly Subscription costs $20
  • Yearly Subscription costs $79
  • Lifetime Subscription bills one payment of $399

The plan offers you access to all features of the free program along with:

  • No word limit
  • Desktop version
  • Integrations for various platforms, including Scrivener

Premium Plus Plan

The software offers three plans of different pricing. They include the features of all the previous plans and include 60 free plagiarism checks. If you require more checks, you will have to buy them additionally for a small fee.

  • Monthly Subscription costs $24
  • Annual Subscription costs $89 
  • Lifetime subscription costs $499

The prices may vary as ProWritingAid offers discounts very often. 


The program offers three pricing plans.

Free Plan

As the name suggests, the plan is free and gives access to:

  • Grammar checking
  • Spelling checking
  • Punctuation checking

Premium Plan

  • The monthly plan costs $30
  • Quarterly is billed at $60 for three months
  • The annual plan is billed at $144

You can enjoy the following features:

  • Fluency checks
  • Formality levels
  • Multiple word suggestions
  • Plagiarism check
  • Tone detection
  • Clarity checks for sentences

Business Bundle

This plan is specifically for team members. The minimum requirement to avail this plan is to have three team members. Meanwhile, the maximum number of individuals it supports is 149. 

The plan costs $12.5 every month for each person and is billed annually. It provides all members access to:

  • Features of all other plans
  • SAML single sign-on
  • Email support
  • Admin panel
  • Style guide
  • Centralized billing


The ProWritingAid software is far cheaper than Grammarly and provides access to better features. That is why it is the winner of this one.

ProWritingAid Vs Grammarly: Benefits


  • The software supports various features
  • Supports multiple platforms, browsers, and desktop versions
  • Offers free trial
  • User-friendly and easy for beginners to use without tutorials
  • Offers weekly training events with other writing experts free of cost


  • The tool provides quick suggestions for text improvement
  • You can add words to your dictionary
  • Plagiarism check is free within the premium plan

ProWritingAid Vs Grammarly: Drawbacks


  • Does not have a mobile app
  • Plagiarism checks have to be bought


  • It sometimes lags if the word count is great
  • Points out wrong errors at times
  • The free version is very limited
  • Offers non-sensible suggestions sometimes

ProWritingAid Vs Grammarly: Which One Is The Better Tool?

Both tools are undoubtedly excellent at their jobs and provide a variety of features. But ProWritingAid wins with a significant margin. The software offers you in-depth analysis and corrects a wide range of errors.

ProWritingAid is also highly efficient and provides checks within seconds. Besides that, users rarely complain of the tool catching wrong errors. This issue is more frequent in Grammarly suggestions.

That is why ProWritingAid is our top choice for editing texts. It not only offers a free trial but all of its plans are budget-friendly too.

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