ProWritingAid Vs Autocrit: The Ultimate Comparison

Thanks to technology, endless online editing software options are now available to help us fulfill our editing needs. These software options make our life easier and ensure that we write an impeccable copy. The two top-rated editing software options are ProWritingAid vs Autocrit. 

If you are wondering what option to choose, you are in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about ProWritingAid vs Autocrit.

ProWritingAid: All You Need To Know

ProWritingAid Logo

ProWritingAid is one of the top-rated grammar checkers, style editors, writing mentors, and much more.

ProWritingAid understands that even the best writers need help, which is precisely what they provide to their customers. Here are some areas where ProWritingAid will help you:

  • Bringing plagiarized content to your attention
  • Highlighting style issues
  • Flagging spelling errors
  • Addresses common repetitions and errors
  • And much more

ProWritingAid will help you with all this and much more to guarantee that you write in the best way possible. Here is everything you need to know about this fantastic editing software. 

ProWritingAid: All You Need To Know 

ProWritingAid is one of the top-rated grammar checkers, style editors, writing mentors, and much more.

ProWritingAid understands that even the best writers need help, which is precisely what they provide to their customers. Here are some areas where ProWritingAid will help you:

Pricing Plans

Budget is one of the primary considerations for anyone looking to invest in editing software. That is why it is crucial to understand the various pricing plans that ProWritingAid offers to its customers. Here are their prices:

  • $70 for one year
  • $100 for two years
  • $140 for three years
  • $240 for lifetime usage

If you want to purchase multiple licenses, they also offer discounts sometimes. That is a steal for people running businesses. ProWritingAid also offers a free trial of fourteen days with a money-back guarantee. 


Here are the top features that ProWritingAid offers all its customers:

1. Writing Style 

Many of us get stuck in our writing styles, and we don't understand how that affects the readability and clarity of our sentences. That is where ProWritingAid comes in. It will improve the readability and clarity by suggesting various ways to:

  • Avoid starting sentences in a similar way
  • Reducing passing voice usage
  • Eliminating adverbs
  • Replacing adverbs with strong verbs
  • Switching writing structure

Remember that the writing style analysis is one of the most comprehensive ones we have seen in any editing software. 

It will thoroughly analyze your writing style and provide you the best suggestions to improve your content in no time. By the end, you will have an easy-to-read and polished copy. 

2. Grammatical Errors 

Do you know what ruins the copy you have created? Any grammatical mistakes can easily change the meaning of a sentence. You need impeccable grammar, punctuation, and spelling to ensure your writing is engaging and fun to read. 

That is where ProWritingAid comes in, as they will run your text against common mistakes, provide explanations to improve, and flag the issues.

The best part is that the software will find hard to detect errors because the checker is based on human proofreading experience. The team at ProWritingAid keeps contributing to common issues to fine-tune the accuracy of the checker from time to time. 

3. Built-In Thesaurus 

The problem with many editing software options is that they have a built-in thesaurus that provides similar words without the context or meaning. That can be an issue sometimes, as it can change the meaning and context of your sentence.

However, ProWritingAid overcomes this problem beautifully by detecting the context of your sentence and giving you word ideas based on that. 

So, if you keep using similar words in your copy, ProWritingAid will ensure you have different words that fit the context without repetition. It will allow you to have a flawless copy with a diverse vocabulary. 

4. Repeating And Overusing Words 

Do you have a habit of using similar words over and over again? For example, many writers tend to overuse words such as "very," "just," and many other words. These words sound fine when you are speaking to someone, but they make your writing weak. 

That is where ProWritingAid comes in, as it will flag all these words and provide you stronger words to include in your copy. The software will also detect any phrase or word you use too much and suggest options to make your writing enjoyable. It will allow you to keep the reader interested. 

5. Plagiarism Check 

Plagiarism is something that should not exist in your copy. That is why ProWritingAid checks your text against every article and web page to ensure your content is flawless.

However, you need to keep in mind that the plagiarism report feature is not included in the Premium Membership price. 

The only way to use this feature is to purchase credits, which start at five dollars, to help you check two thousand words at one time. Otherwise, you can opt for the Premium Plus plan, which will allow you to prevent plagiarism without paying extra. 

Pros Of ProWritingAid 

Here are the top benefits you will experience when using ProWritingAid for your copy:

  • Extensive punctuation, spelling, and grammar check
  • Will give you detailed statistics on frequent mistakes, readability score, and structure
  • Excellent customer support team
  • They offer discounts for students
  • Highly accurate
  • In-app quizzes, explanations, and videos to enhance your writing skills
  • Many third-party integrations with significant word processors

Cons Of ProWritingAid

Here are the top cons you might experience when using ProWritingAid for your copy:

  • The plagiarism feature will cost you extra
  • There is no application for mobile users

When You Should Use ProWritingAid

It is always essential to understand who can benefit from specific software options. ProWritingAid is the best software for people looking to edit academic articles, scripts, books, blogs, and much more.

Besides that, if you are a non-native writer and you want to polish your writing skills, then it is one of the best checkers out there. 

Anyone from journalists to researchers to bloggers can benefit from ProWritingAid. If you want to keep your work free of mistakes and easy to read, you will love using it.

Besides that, it is an excellent checker to improve your writing style and your English writing skills in no time. 

Autocrit: All You Need To Know

AutoCrit Logo

Now that you know everything about ProWritingAid, it is time to understand what Autocrit offers to compare both and find editing software that you like best. Autocrit markets itself as being a personal fiction writing editor and mentor. 

The platform is designed to help you fine-tune your fiction-style writing skills and understand your craft better. Autocrit achieves this because of the unique database it has. The creators of the platform have scanned millions of fiction books into the AI program of Autocrit. 

Because of this scanning and programming, Autocrit will give you an accurate judgment of what you need to do to improve your writing. Here is everything you need to know about Autocrit. 

Pricing Plans 

It is vital to understand the cost of the software before you invest in it for your fiction writing. Here are the different pricing plans and subscriptions that Autocrit offers to its users:

  • Basic Plan: $10/month and limited to thousand words
  • Professional: $30/month and unlimited usage
  • Elite: $80/month and access to courses and tips from published authors

Keep in mind that Autocrit also offers a fourteen-day trial of $1 of their Elite and Professional plans. 

However, if you feel like you don’t need these features during the trial, you can always switch back to the basic plan whenever you like. 


Here are the top features that Autocrit offers all its customers:

1. Dialogue 

Autocrit offers a dialogue tab, which you can utilize to understand how your writing sounds. If it sounds forced or unnatural, it will let you know to allow you to improve your writing.

The platform analyzes each line of dialogue you have written and reports the breakdown of what your characters are saying or doing. 

For example, if the characters in your fiction writing are shouting too much, Autocrit will let you know how many times they have done that so you can tone it down. They will also recommend to you how many of the same shouting usages to remove from your content. 

2. Momentum And Pacing 

Here are some things the momentum and pacing feature analyzes:

  • Do your paragraphs and sentences flow in a pleasing manner?
  • Are your paragraph and sentence structures varied?
  • Are your paragraph and sentences creating a logjam in your fiction writing?

These are the top three tiers Autocrit will analyze when trying to understand the momentum and pacing of your writing.

By examining this, Autocrit will let you know if your writing is a slow read and what you can do to make it better. If you are trying to minimizing lulls in your writing, this is a handy feature. 

Autocrit will let you know precisely where you need to improve your sentences and how you can create a high-paced piece of writing. In the long run, you will make some excellent page-turning fiction writings. 

3. Strong Writing

The strong writing feature is one of the most helpful features on the Autocrit platform. It is designed to enhance your writing and make it stronger in no time. For example, the Clichés report under this feature will let you know the number of clichés in your writing and what you can do to make them more original. 

There are also other reports available under this, such as the Adverb and Passive Voice reports, where overuse of adverbs and passive voice will be highlighted. You can use all these reports and tabs to improve your writing and make it more inviting. 

4. Repetition 

If you want your writing to be engaging, it needs to be full of various expressions and unique descriptions. That is the only way to capture the attention of the reader and ensure they stay with your writing. The Repetition feature will help you achieve this by analyzing your writing. 

Autocrit will tell you the phrases you use too much. It will allow you to change those phrases and include ones that add more variety to your writing. It will help you add a fresh perspective to your writing. 

5. Word Choice 

Finally, the Word Choice feature will let you know if you are using a word or phrase too much. When you understand this, you can cut back on these things and opt for varied word choices. The Sentence Starters Tab in this feature will also give you a breakdown of all the words you use to start your sentences. 

You can use the analysis and start sentences with new words to add variety to your writing. After all, variety is the spice of life. 

Pros Of Autocrit 

Here are the top pros of using Autocrit:

  • You can use the platform on your desktop or mobile
  • Excellent for fiction writers looking to improve writing style and content
  • You can analyze and edit chapter by chapter
  • Identifies momentum and pacing issues
  • Accurate suggestions

Cons Of Autocrit 

Here are the top cons you may experience while using Autocrit:

  • The grammar checker is not the best
  • It changes the formatting of compatible files
  • The smartphone interface does not allow any editing to be done

Final Verdict Of ProWritingAid Vs Autocrit: Which Is Better? 

That was your complete guide to the review of ProWritingAid vs Autocrit. There is no universal grammar and writing checker that will be suitable for you. The one that is best for you depends on your budget, preferences, and writing and editing needs. 

However, in our opinion, ProWritingAid is the best checker for all types of writing styles out there. You can use it to edit blogs, academic articles, journals, and much more. That is because it provides a holistic checking experience by offering some of the best suggestions. 

That is because the checker is built by human proofreaders who understand how to transform writing and take it to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for then? If you are looking for the best writing and editing checker out there, you should not look further than ProWritingAid as it will give you excellent value for money.

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