ProWritingAid Review (2021): Is It Worth Buying?

Are you a professional writer in search of a good proofreading tool? If so, you've landed in the right place. One of the best tools in the editing market is ProWritingAid.

Many of you may be familiar with Grammarly for checking your documents. Well, ProWritingAid works similarly, but it is the grandmaster of all the other grammar checkers.

This ultimate review will tell you everything about this software and why it is better than others.

What is ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid Logo

ProWritingAid is a grammar-checking software that provides access to a wide range of features. As the name implies, the tool is designed to aid your writing and help you produce error-free documents.

Besides that, it assists you in real-time by offering editing solutions to improve your grammar and writing style.

Here are some of the things that ProWritingAid helps you with:

  • Spelling errors
  • Grammatical errors
  • Vocabulary
  • Sticky sentences that make your content boring and slow down your reader
  • Vague words
  • Plagiarism check
  • Sentence consistency
  • Readability of your text

ProWritingAid is also compatible with a lot of platforms and can be used in various ways.

ProWritingAid Review: Key Features

If we try to list all the features of the software, it will take us all night. That is because ProWritingAid gives you access to loads of editing features.

Here is a summarized list to provide you with a gist:

  • Grammar editing
  • Contextual Thesaurus
  • Redundancy Check
  • Sentence Structure Checking
  • Various Integrations
  • Style Guide
  • 25 Writing Reports
  • Sentence Length Check
  • Diction Check

ProWritingAid: Who Can Use The Platform?

The software is designed for anyone who wants to eliminate errors from their texts and documents.

It is an online grammar checker that is perfect for all audiences. So whether you're a professional writer, a student, or a blogger, ProWritingAid can help you avoid writing mistakes.

Here are some of the people who can benefit immensely from this tool:

  • Authors
  • Digital Writers
  • Content Creators
  • Bloggers
  • Students
  • Academic Teachers

Besides that, we also find ProWritingAid, a good software for corporate employees. It helps ensure that your reports, presentations, and emails are accurate and precise.

So, if you're a business writer, this tool will ensure that the reader easily understands your text.

ProWritingAid: Free Or Paid

Many of you may be wondering whether the platform is free or paid. Well, to accommodate everyone, it's both. ProWritingAid has a free version with limited features. We refer this as a demo.

The free plan allows you to try out the platform and fix quite a good number of mistakes. Besides that, ProWritingAid offers premium versions too for people who want to check their work thoroughly.

The good news for you is that the software allows you to opt for a two-week free trial.

You don’t need to share any credit card or PayPal details to get the trial. Just sign up on the website and choose the option.

ProWritingAid Plans

The tool allows you to enjoy three plans, one of which is free.

Free Plan

The free plan can be used by anyone and gives you access to the following:

  • Grammar and spell checking of a text of a maximum of 500 words
  • Writing analysis through 19 reports
  • Summary of key mistakes

Premium Subscription

The plan allows you to choose from three pricing packages. So, it covers the budget of all people and will enable you to save money as well.

  • Monthly Subscription costs $20
  • Yearly Subscription costs $79
  • Lifetime Subscription is billed as one payment of $399
ProWritingAid Plans

The plan provides you access to all features of the free program as well as:

  • No word limits
  • Desktop version
  • Integrations for multiple browsers and platforms

ProWritingAid Premium Plus

The tool offers three plans of different pricing. They include the features of all the previous plans. Additionally, you will receive 60 free plagiarism checks too. 

However, if any of you require more plagiarism checks, the platform has got you covered. They offer packages of a different number of checks. We took a look at the bundles, and they offer reasonable prices.

Anyways, here is the pricing of Premium Plus.

  • Monthly Subscription costs $24
  • Yearly Subscription costs $89
  • Lifetime subscription costs $499

The prices may vary as ProWritingAid offers discounts very often. Even currently, there is a discount of 25% available on the website for a limited time. 

So, if you're already interested in using ProWritingAid, hurry to their site to get the discount.

ProWritingAid Review: Top Features

In this section, we will individually review some of the notable features of ProWritingAid. So, if you're excited to learn about them, carry on reading.

Grammar Editor

This is the most vital feature of any online editing tool. That is because grammatical errors are the most common mistakes that many of us make. So, we tried the software to check the accuracy of the grammar editor and were impressed.

ProWritingAid can correct more than hundreds of errors present in your text. It points out the misuse of words, spelling errors, contextual errors. However, it does more than just pointing out.

The platform offers suggestions to fix each mistake too. What we liked most is that it also provides detailed explanations for each recommendation. Sometimes you may not agree with the guidance provided. That is why knowing why the platform is asking you to change can put your mind at ease.

Besides that, the grammar checker is also proficient at identifying advanced grammatical errors. For example, it alerts you about subject-verb agreements as well as sentence fragments. It is also effective for pointing out misuse and overuse of punctuation marks.

So rest assured, if your text requires the addition or removal of a punctuation mark, the editor will tell you.

Style Guide

This is the favorite feature of all ProWritingAid users. And we can’t disagree. The guide gives contextual style suggestions, highlights the overuse of repeated words, and much more.

So, if you want your writing to be more authoritative and refreshing, then ProWritingAid is the best. Its suggestions allow you to enhance your text's vocabulary and ensure that the reader won't find it boring. This is essential if you're a blog writer.

The style guide also highlights the errors of passive voice, vague terms, and complex sentences. ProWritingAid even offers suggestions to make your sentence less wordy and easy to read. So, all these style edits improve the quality of your writing.

ProWritingAid Thesaurus

Do you feel your vocabulary is narrow? That you're not able to engage with your audience? If so, then this feature is made for you.

While reviewing your document on the platform, you can access the ProWritingAid thesaurus to replace the word with a synonym. All you have to do is select the word you want to change and double-click on it. Instantly a box with alternative words will appear.

Besides that, if you wish to learn more about a particular term, you can benefit from the word explorer. It will tell you everything about the term, including definitions and its usage. You can even add it to your dictionary if you want to use it in future.

In-Depth Writing Reports

This is the wow factor of ProWritingAid and its most helpful feature. When we saw the list of reports that the software provides, we were amazed. The platform impressed us further with the impeccable detailing.

The tool gives you access to about 25 different reports to give you a detailed analysis of your writing.

Some of them are: 

  • Style reports provide you insight into the areas you can improve in. These include passive verbs usage, readability, emotional tells, and much more
  • The repetitive report gives you statistics about the words you repeat and use very frequently. It also points out the frequent phrases and lists the similar ones together
  • The sentence check report offers information about your average length and how it affects readability. The longer and more complex your sentence, the lower the readability will be
  • Diction check is one of the best features of ProWritingAid. It reports you about words that don’t provide clarity and makes your text weak

So, if you want to make your writing clean, modest, and simple, the ProWritingAid reports are the way to go.

However, sometimes the suggestions may be overzealous. So, if you're a less confident writer, you should be careful while making the changes. Otherwise, you might end up losing your originality.

ProWritingAid: How Can You Use The Platform?

ProWritingAid can be accessed in a variety of ways. These are discussed below.

Web Editor

The tool offers a web-based editor to edit your documents directly from the platform. The first thing you should do is log in to the website and click on start editor. Then you can make a draft, edit your document, and save it to your ProWritingAid account. 

If you're using the free version, you should keep in mind that this is one of the only features you can access. Other than that, you will also have access to most of the reports. If you require anything more, then you'll have to join premium.

MS Word Plugin

If you work mainly on Windows, then this plugin has the potential to become your favorite. It incorporates ProWritingAid into the app and can be found on the Microsoft menu bar.

Once you click on the ProWritingAid tab, the reports and checkers will display on the right side of the screen. This feature is time-saving as you won’t have to leave the Microsoft app. You can correct all your errors on MS Word and check you as you go.

However, this feature is only available for premium users. So, if you're a free user, you will have to consider paying.

Desktop Application

This works similarly to the browser; the only difference is that it runs directly on your laptop. So, you won't have to open a browser and then the ProWritingAid website. Additionally, you can open text files such as:

The main target of the desktop app is Mac users. Since the MS Word plugin is not available on Mac, ProWritingAid introduced the app to ease their burden.

However, even Windows users can benefit from this. The only requirement is to have an internet connection when using the application.

Google Docs Plugin

Google Docs has been introduced recently and is giving MS Word an intense competition. So, if you're an editor who prefers using this platform for easy accessibility, then this plugin is the best add-on. Once installed, you'll be able to check your work in real-time and make changes.

The plugin doesn’t deviate much from the other add-ons of ProWritingAid. You will have access to the Realtime button, summary reports, and other features of the software. Hence, it's a sweet deal for Google Docs users.

The only downside is that, just like the MS Word plugin, you will have to subscribe to the premium version. If you don't wish to pay, you'll have to make do with the web editor.

ProWritingAid Browser Extensions

This feature is different than the other plugins and apps. That is because the ProWritingAid software is directly incorporated into the browser. So, the tool will work for every online writing task.

For example, if you're writing an email on the Gmail site, the editor will provide suggestions and checks there. Similarly, the extension works on Facebook, Reddit, and WordPress too. The best part about this method is that even free users can benefit.

However, the free users will only get access to grammar and spelling checks. Meanwhile, if you have a premium account, then you'll be able to enjoy all the advanced features of ProWritingAid.

Below are some of the browsers that ProWritingAid supports.

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox

Benefits of ProWritingAid

Some of the key features that you’ll love to enjoy are:

  • Impeccable reports
  • Access to multiple platforms
  • Highly accurate checking
  • Lifetime access
  • Plagiarism scans
  • Quick and efficient checks
  • Free trial

We really love the highly robust features of the program. However, the biggest takeaway for us was the detailed explanations. Each suggestion was thoroughly reasoned and conformed to all the grammar rules.

Besides that, we love the multiple integrations option. The MS Word plugin is one of the best methods to use ProWritingAid. The interface of the software is user-friendly, and even beginners can use the program without a tutorial.

Drawbacks Of ProWritingAid

Just like all software, ProWritingAid has some cons too. These are:

  • No MS Word plugin for Mac
  • The free version is limited to 500 words
  • Readability scoring can be strict
  • No offline access to Desktop app

The biggest drawback we feel is the limitation for Mac users. That is because many creators use Mac devices, yet ProWritingAid does not cover them. Besides that, the free version limitation is a con for only those who write longer texts.

If your minimum word count for documents is less than 500, then you can use the platform for a lifetime without paying.

How Does ProWritingAid Fare Against Competitors?

ProWritingAid is a powerful tool that serves as a solid rival to other similar editing programs.

Here are the pros and cons of different software so that you can make a fair comparison.

1. Grammarly


  • A simple design like ProWritingAid
  • Integrates with multiple browsers
  • Keyboard available for Android users
  • The free version is less limited than ProWritingAid


  • Provides fewer style recommendations
  • It offers more minor features than ProWritingAid yet is more expensive
  • You cannot buy a lifetime membership, so you will be spending more in the long run
  • It does not provide a plugin for Google Docs

2. Ginger


  • Has a translator
  • A text reader is available to read your document aloud
  • Has multiple browser extensions


  • More costly than ProWritingAid
  • Not compatible with Firefox
  • Less modest interface than ProWritingAid
  • It does not offer good style suggestions

3. WhiteSmoke


  • Incorporates with more browsers than ProWritingAid
  • Offers clean and professional templates for certain occasions
  • Translator is available


  • No free version
  • The lowest-priced plan that includes web extension only costs $60 annually
  • Premium plan costs about $80, which is higher than ProWritingAid
  • It's a less robust program than the competition
  • Interface is complex
  • Speed is an issue

Our Verdict

We compared ProWritingAid’s features and pricing with other competitors, and it outcompetes all of them.

It is highly affordable than other programs and also offers more features than all of them combined.  Hence, it beats them in terms of speed, accuracy, pricing, and much more.

ProWritingAid Vs Human Editor

ProWritingAid is an impressive tool but are you wondering if it's better than human editors. Well, the software is excellent at spotting errors and fixing tenses. The reports it provides are also beneficial, and the vocabulary enhancer is highly effective.

However, human editing will still be required. That is because even algorithms can miss mistakes sometimes. So our recommendation is to use ProWritingAid for checking your work. And then proofread your document yourself too.

Final Words

That was the ultimate review of ProWritingAid. The free version may be limited, but the premium plan is definitely worth the money. In just $70, you will get access to numerous features and plagiarism checks.

So, if you're searching for accurate yet budget-friendly software, ProWritingAid is the top platform.

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