How To Undo On Grammarly: A Beginner’s Guide

Grammarly is one of the best editing tools out there that took the writing world by storm. 

However, if you want to make the most use of this tool, you need to understand how it works and the many functions you can use. Many times people accidentally delete files on Grammarly and don't know how to recover them.

If you have done the same, you are in the right place. Here is your complete guide on how to undo on Grammarly and make the most of this fantastic tool for your writing. 

How To Undo On Grammarly

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The first method of how to undo on Grammarly is the easiest, and it is the one you will have to do instantly. That means as soon as you accidentally delete the file, you will have a window of seven seconds to retrieve the file again instantly.

Once you have checked your Grammarly document and delete it with the trash icon, you will notice a yellow bar on the screen. 

The yellow bar has an undo button you can click to recover the file you accidentally deleted. All you have to do is click on the undo button, and your file will be restored instantly. Yes, that is how easy it is to understand how to undo on Grammarly. 

Keep in mind that you can’t recover multiple documents at the same time. You can only restore the last file you deleted on Grammarly. 

What To Do If The Undo Option Fails You? 

You may have missed your window of opportunity of seven seconds to restore the file, or you might not have used the undo button at all.

In that case, you need to have an active working Internet connection when you delete and recover the file. When this happens, you need to take help from the support page of Grammarly. 

Go to the Grammarly support page and select the Document Recovery option. Selecting this option will give you two more options, which include recover a deleted document and recover deleted text in a document. 

Recovering A Deleted Document On Grammarly

If you want to recover the entire document, you need to click on the Recover a deleted document option.

After that, click on Submit a Request button, and it will give you three fields you need to enter. These include the title of the document, description, and first sentence. 

Once you have entered this information, you can click the Submit button. After that, you need to wait for the support team to contact you and provide you with the deleted document. 

Recovering Deleted Text In A Document 

The easiest way to instantly recover a deleted text in a document is to use Cmd + Z on Mac and Ctrl + Z on Windows.

That is how to undo Grammarly instantly when you delete some text accidentally. However, if you missed doing this, you can always submit a request using the Recover a Deleted Text in a Document option.

Once you click the option, you will be requested to fill in details such as description and document ID. You can open the document and copy the URL in the address bar to get the document ID. Once you have filled all the fields, you can click the Submit button. 

Even for this recovery, you will have to wait for the Grammarly Support team to get back to you. Once they do, you will have your deleted text in no time.

This is useful if you have lost a chunk of text while writing and can't reproduce it in the same way as before.

Can You Undo On Grammarly And Recover Documents On Phone?

Unfortunately, the feature of recovering a text of the document on Grammarly is only limited to native and web desktop apps.

Besides that, Grammarly does not cover any third-party extension or plugin to recover your documents. So, if you are using Grammarly on your mobile device, you will not recover it. 

You will have to go on the website from your desktop or log into Grammarly from your computer to recover anything you want. Grammarly is a Chrome extension, which is why you will notice it does not support these features on a mobile device. 

How Many Devices Is Grammarly Compatible With? 

To maximize your Grammarly experience, you need to understand what devices will work best with the tool. Grammarly can be used anywhere with add-ons and apps for iOS, Android, Chrome, Mac, Outlook, and Microsoft Word.

You can use Grammarly for iOS and Android, Grammarly desktop app for Windows and Mac, and a Grammarly Chrome plugin and web app that works like Google Docs. 

All the apps and extensions are constantly updated to help you clearly understand how to undo on Grammarly and utilize other functions available.

Over the years, many new functions have also been introduced, such as setting composing objectives and writing insights. Whatever device you have, you can easily use Grammarly. 

However, some functions will be limited on mobile devices. That is why the best way to use Grammarly is on your Mac or Windows. 

Who Can Make The Most Of Grammarly? 

Many individuals can make use of Grammarly because it is one of the best writing and editing tools in our time. 

With that being said, anyone from a blogger to a company professional to an author can make use of Grammarly. Even copywriters and marketers can benefit from this tool to create exciting content for the audience. 

In short, anyone who writes in English and wants to correct errors can opt for Grammarly. You can also use it for free, but you will not have the full functions available to you.

If you want to benefit from the full version of the tool, you will have to choose from two different Grammarly Premium subscriptions depending on your budget and what you require from the tool. 

How To Use Grammarly Premium Functions 

It is essential to understand how to undo on Grammarly and make full use of all the other functions it offers.

You can always set Grammarly based on your writing style and design so it can provide you with more accurate suggestions. For example, you can set Grammarly according to your specific writing style, such as official, informal, etc. 

Whenever you open a new document, it is critical to set an objective for what you will write. It will help Grammarly give you better suggestions to improve your content. You can set your writing goals depending on the audience, intent, emotion, design, domain, and much more. 

Keep in mind that only Grammarly Premium will give you insights based on your objectives before you start writing. You can’t set these objectives and utilize them in the free version. 

Grammarly Alternatives 

If you don't want to use Grammarly anymore, there are many other options out there that are even better and more affordable.

One such option is ProWritingAid. It is one of the best editing tools out there that human proofreaders have created to give you highly accurate suggestions. 

ProWritingAid Logo

ProWritingAid is one of the most comprehensive checkers you will find as it will take into account your writing style and the context before making suggestions.

Their pricing plans are also affordable, and the most exciting part is that they offer a lifetime deal. You can opt for that plan and enjoy the editing tool for decades to come.

ProWritingAid is excellent for everyone that writes, from journalists to academic writers to bloggers and much more. Anyone who writes in English can benefit from this tool.

They also provide explanations with their suggestions, which means you can learn from the tool to better your writing skills. 

These explanations are there to help you excel and create impeccable content next time. That is why you should always read the suggestions in detail and then apply them later. Once you do, your writing skills will become flawless. 

While there are many other tools out there, we recommend that you give ProWritingAid a try as a Grammarly alternative because it is much more cost-effective and accurate as compared to Grammarly.

You will get your money's worth, and once you start using the tool, you will never want to look back. That is how fantastic the ProWritingAid tool is. 

Final Words 

That was your complete guide on how to undo on Grammarly, recover deleted documents and texts, devices you can use it on, and the best Grammarly alternative out there.

Once you follow this guide, you will instantly recover your lost documents in no time and start writing. We understand accidents can happen, which is why we hope the guide was helpful. 

If you don’t want to use Grammarly and its functions anymore, you can always opt for an alternative such as ProWritingAid.

It is one of the best editing tools that will provide value for money and polish your skills in no time. If you don’t believe us, then you should check the tool out for yourself.

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