How To Cancel Grammarly: A Complete Guide

Did you sign up for Grammarly but want to cancel your subscription now? If you do, you are in the right place.

Grammarly also auto-renews subscriptions, because of which you might have paid extra without realizing, and you may want to cancel Grammarly. 

Whatever your reasons may be, here is your complete guide to canceling a Grammarly subscription in no time. 

What is Grammarly

How To Cancel Grammarly Online

There are three ways you can cancel a Grammarly subscription, and one of them is the online method.

For this, you need to log into your Grammarly Premium account and go to the Account section. Once you are there, open the subscription tab and click on the cancel subscription link. 

A prompted window will open up, and on that window, you need to select Yes. After that, you need to pick a reason why you want to cancel Grammarly (this is an optional step). Finally, click Cancel Subscription, and it will be instantly canceled. 

That is how easy it is to cancel Grammarly online. However, if you have an issue with this method, you can also utilize other methods to cancel your subscription. 

How To Cancel Grammarly Through Email 

If the online method does not work, then you can also use this option. All you have to do is write an email to Grammarly explaining that you want to cancel your Grammarly subscription. The email you write should be sent to

Once you have sent your email, you need to wait for a cancelation confirmation email from the Grammarly Support Team.

The method will take a while because Grammarly will respond within a few days. That is why you should only opt for this method if you can’t seem to cancel Grammarly online. 

How To Cancel Grammarly Through Phone 

If you have tried the methods mentioned above and it still doesn't work, you can directly cancel Grammarly through the phone.

All you have to do is dial their support number, which is (888) 318-6146. Once you have dialed, you need to be patient while you want in the phone queue. 

Soon an operator will pick up, and you need to explain that you would like to cancel your Grammarly subscription and delete your account.

Their support team representative will help you out and provide you instructions on what you need to do. Follow them, and you can unsubscribe or delete your account in no time. 

Do You Need To Wait for Your Subscription To Expire To Cancel?

No, you don't need to wait for the due date of your subscription to cancel. That is because if you have signed up for a year and you decide within the second month that you want to cancel Grammarly, you will still access it for the next ten months.

After that year, you will not be allowed access because your subscription will have been canceled. 

Many people have this question because they don't want their money to waste while canceling Grammarly's subscription. You don't need to worry because no matter when you cancel, you can still use Grammarly for the period you paid for earlier.

However, if you want to cancel earlier and need your refund, you will have to go through a different process. 

How To Get A Refund from Grammarly 

If you cancel Grammarly before your subscription ends, you can always ask them for a refund. All you have to do is go to

Once you are on this page, you need to choose Billing and Subscription. 

After that, you will be given various options from which you can choose "I would like to request a refund."

A box will be provided in which you need to explain your reason for asking for a refund. You can also upload any images you would like to support your reasoning. 

Once you have filled in all the relevant information, you can click Submit. After that, you need to wait for Grammarly to get back to you and let you know when you will receive your refund.

It is always essential to provide a good reason in detail so they can understand with clarity what issues you faced and why you would like a refund. 

However, Grammarly has stated in its Terms of Service and License Agreement that it will not refund any fees for a terminated subscription before the term ends.

That is why it might be a long shot to use this method, but it is still worth trying if you would like your money back. 

How To Change Grammarly Subscription Plan

If you don’t want to cancel Grammarly, you can also change your subscription plan if you want to pay less.

Keep in mind that Grammarly Business is available in two forms: monthly subscriptions and annual subscriptions. That is why you can only switch between these two options if you like. 

So, if you want to switch, all you have to do is go to the Subscription page of Grammarly. Once you are redirected, you need to go to the Plan section of the page. After that, you need to click the option of Update Plan.

Once you click Update Plan, a new window will open, and you need to choose the preferred option of your switch.

When you have made your choice, all you have to do is click Confirm Changes. On the next page, you need to finally click Update Plan to save the changes you have made. 

You might be wondering if you will be charged extra money for making this subscription switch, but that is not the case. Grammarly will charge you for the new subscription plan starting from the next billing cycle.

If you want more information on the renewal date and the total pricing for the updated subscription, you can always go to the Renewal information section to see these changes. 

Always check the pricing before you decide to switch plans. Grammarly always updates their pricing on their website. So, always check updated ones before making such a decision.

How To Delete Your Grammarly Account 

Many users don't want to cancel Grammarly but delete their accounts entirely. You can also do that if you don't wish to use Grammarly any longer.

It is a simple process, and your account will be deleted within minutes, but keep in mind that you will not get a refund even if you delete your account. 

To delete your Grammarly account, you need to go on the official Grammarly website. You need to click the Account option that is always available in the left-hand section of the page.

Under the Account Settings, there will be an option of Delete Account at the bottom of the page. 

Click on the Delete Account button, and you will receive a pop-up message asking you to enter your Grammarly password. Once you enter your password, you need to click the Confirm Deletion button to save changes.

Keep in mind that if you used your Facebook account to sign up for Grammarly, you would have to enter your Facebook password to confirm the process of account deletion. 

The action of deleting a Grammarly account can’t be undone. If you wish to use Grammarly again, you will have to create a new account. That is why it is best to think about it before you decide to delete the account. 

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Final Words

That was your complete guide on how to cancel Grammarly, delete Grammarly, switch subscriptions, and much more. You can take any of these actions depending on what you require.

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