This Is The Modern Publishing Business

Reblogged from David Gaughran Scammers used to operate at the edges of the publishing business, but have wormed their way into its heart. And the entire industry is in denial. An unintentionally revealing aspect of the tiresome Amazon-Hachette dispute was a series of statements from an organization purporting to advocate for authors’ rights. One of […]

Amazon’s Book Store – A Winner?

With Barnes & Noble showing decreasing book sales and closing more book stores, Amazon’s pilot book store is showing promise that print is not dead. Amazon has almost perfected a shopping experience for browsers — and I mean human, not web. Four months after the first Amazon Books physical store opened in Seattle’s University Village, Amazon […]

Kindle Game Changer

Today Amazon announced the release of not just one, but four new devices. First is an all new basic barebones Kindle without a touch screen for $79 ($109 without the ads). Next up is the new Kindle Touch for $99, which they sorely needed to compete with the Nook in this area. If you want […]

Self-Publishing WitchKids

Wired’s Geek Dad (Roy Wood) interviewed Chris Goblaw on the self-publishing of his YA ebook WitchKids. The article describes how and why Chris became a writer and how he used what he learned in NaNoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month) to get the book written. Chris talks about how the mechanics of the ebook conversion process […]

Publish Your Own Non-Fiction Ebook

For those of you who own a small to medium sized business, Tony Bradley published an article at PC World that gives a good synopsis of self-publishing your own non-fiction ebook for the Amazon Kindle. I’m no stranger to publishing, having written or cowritten a dozen books. A great deal of pride and satisfaction comes […]

Kindle Ebook Formatting Made Easy

Ebooks are changing the publishing world in the same way MP3 files changed the music industry.  At present Amazon’s Kindle is the King of the Hill of ereaders and is reported to be the driving force in ebook growth. There are a number of recent news reports pointing out authors making a dramatic shift from […]

Amazon E-books in the Library (soon)

Amazon announced that you will be able to check-out an e-book from the library to your Kindle. Amazon said this service will be available “later this year,” but did not specify a launch date. The News Release More than 11,000 libraries in the U.S are participating in this electronic-book-loaning program. A company named OverDrive will […]

Novelist already working on her third book at 18

By LEAH DUMOUCHEL Ann Arbor News Cassandra Carter is one to make you think, “Hmm . . . what the heck was I doing with my teenage years?” The 18-year-old’s own reply involves a nationally published book and two more in the works. Her debut novel, “Fast Life,” was published in July as part of […]