Dead Giveaway (WIP-2)

Previously: Dead Giveaway (WIP-1) “I’m sorry you were hurt. What’s your name?” the boy asked. The woman stopped crying, and looked at the boy. “My name is Ellen Parker.” “Good to meet you Ms. Parker, my name is Henry…Henry McBride. I live just up the street from here.” “It’s Mrs. Parker; my husband’s name is Thomas. […]

Dead Giveaway (WIP-1)

To the casual observer, the eleven-year-old looked like he might have a mental disorder. He stood on the side of the road in the sun, facing a shady wooded lot. His hands were clasped behind his back, and it looked like he was talking to himself. He wasn’t. “What happened to you?” the boy asked the sad looking, dark-haired, older-woman […]

How to Write Fiction In Five: How Long Should A Book Be?

When writing your fictional stories, they will take shape in one of the following basic forms, each varying in length/word count: Novels Novellas Short Stories Flash Fiction The obvious difference, for the most part, is their word count/length. There are subsets of each of these, but these four are the main types. However, at a […]

Short Story: The Wave

The Wave By W.F. Meyer   Bobby Darden and I were surf casting off a wide strip of sand facing the Atlantic side of the Cape Hatteras Seashore of the Outer Banks.  Round Hammock Bay was directly behind us just on the other side of route 12. It was warm. There was a stiff breeze coming off […]

Book Review: Let’s Write a Short Story! by Joe Bunting

Let’s Write a Short Story! is a direct and to the point guide to writing compelling short stories for publication. In the book Joe coaches, motivates and challenges you to not only write a short story, but submit it for publication to literary journals and magazines. At once Joe describes the hard, honest reality of […]

Seeing Stephen King in Person

My brother-in-law and I showed up at the Harvard Book Store around 6:00 PM to pick up our tickets and complimentary copy of The Best American Short Stories 2007, only to find they already moved them to the First Parish Church Meetinghouse in the Harvard campus. We went over and waited on a not too […]

King on The American Short Story

On Maria Schneider’s blog (of Writer’s Digest), she describes Stephen King’s recent New York Times essay about the state of the American short story. The essay is about what it took King to find stories for the newly released The Best American Short Stories 2007, which he edited. You can read the NYT Essay here, […]