July 4th, 1976

July 4th, 1976 – July 4th, 2016 It’s hard to believe it has been 40 years. In 1976 the United States celebrated its Bicentennial Celebration. It’s 200th anniversary of being an independent country. The Vietnam War ended just a year before. Despite the civil unrest that war caused, it seemed patriotism was at a high in 1976. There were so […]

Jaws – The Summer of ’75’

‘JAWS‘ the movie was a phenomenon 40 years ago. It started right in the beginning of the summer, in June, 1975. Steven Spielberg never expected the movie to become as big a hit as it did, but right from that first week, it was wildly popular. It played in theaters all over the U.S. for […]

11 Years Later 9-11

As I sit here today looking at my desktop (below), I can’t help but clearly remember that September day 11 years ago as I worked in my Harvard Square office. I remember the shock, the anger, the fear, the sadness – and the overwhelming knowledge that everything had changed forever. But mostly I felt anger. […]

Hope For 2010 And Beyond

I can still remember New Year’s Eve, 1989. I was a proud new Dad and very content. I remember thinking, “Wow, only ten years before we leave this century and begin a new one.” On New Year’s Eve, 1999, I remember thinking how quickly those 10 years had passed, and that we were entering a […]

Charlie Barnett

This morning, I saw a guy that looked and sounded just like street comedian Charlie Barnett. He used to be that hysterical racially raunchy comedian that used to perform at Merrill Lynch Park, as well as Washington Square Park. I watched him on several occasions as he always cracked me up and always added something […]

Autumn Bagpipes on the Lake

Living in New Hampshire, we are treated to some of the most spectacular fall foliage season in the country. On this late October Sunday, the weather was stunning, with mild temperatures, blue skies and sunshine. After lunch, my son wanted to take a hike in an area we call the “Ledges Trail”. The Ledges Trail […]