Winning NaNoWriMo 2012

Late last night I surpassed the 50,000 word mark for the 9th of the 12 times I participated in NaNoWriMo. Oh I’m not done…yet. When I get home after having my burger and two Old Fashioned’s at the Timber Grille, I’ll finish my novel tonight. If not tonight it will definitely be done by tomorrow after […]

Writing Without Limits

David Gaughran published a guest post article on his excellent blog Let’s Get Digital, by thriller writer, Matthew Iden. In the article Matthew discussed the End of Limits in writing and publishing stories. Gone is the need for specific word counts for specific genres of fiction and whether or not you are a new or […]

Let’s Get Digital: A Review

I first came across David Gaughran in the comments sections of J.A. Konrath’s blog posts at the Newbie’s Guide to Publishing. David always gave insightful, levelheaded responses. In visiting his blog, I found well-written and informed articles about the state of today’s publishing industry at an international level as well as the journey he was […]

Are Traditionally Published Books Really Better?

Since the Ebook Revolution has taken off, there’s been no lack of supporters and detractors of it. One of the things I read repeatedly from the skeptics is that, “…most indie published stuff is trash – or crap…” Those same skeptics go on to state, “unlike indie ebooks, traditionally published books and novels are polished, […]

Kindle Ebook Formatting Made Easy

Ebooks are changing the publishing world in the same way MP3 files changed the music industry.  At present Amazon’s Kindle is the King of the Hill of ereaders and is reported to be the driving force in ebook growth. There are a number of recent news reports pointing out authors making a dramatic shift from […]

Ebook Sales Surpass Paper Books!

CNN, engadget, and The Sun (UK) have been reporting that ebook sales have eclipsed paperback and hardback books for the first time. Ebook sales totaled $90.3 million for the month of February. That’s an increase of 202% compared to the same last year, according to a study from the Association of American Publishers (AAP). That […]