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Hi I’m Werner. Like most of you, I’ve been writing stories, journals, essays, articles and imaginings since I was a single-digit-fidget kid. To pay the bills I’m a financial analyst and actually enjoy numbers and spreadsheets. My passion, my avocation, however, is writing. I write mostly horror, thriller and action/adventure stories. I also delve into YA horror as those are what drove me to write my own stories as a kid.

I named this blog in honor of a quote by the great Ray Bradbury, “write one-thousand words a day…and after a million words you’ll be a writer

To help feed the never ending Bank of Story Ideas, I’m also a Freelance Paranormal Investigator F.P.I. I get pretty busy as soon as autumn begins.

Other things I love to do is spend quality time with my Lady Loly, traveling, exploring, hiking, photography and motorcycles. All of these help when coming up with fresh story ideas and angles.

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