It ain’t: Wreck havoc

Most Americans consider our official national language to be English, and have the strong opinion that people immigrating to the United States should learn to speak our language. However, many of these same American’s don’t know how to speak their own language correctly!

Point in case: Wreck havoc, or wrecking havoc  WRONG!!!

People saying this should be slapped across the face with a cold wet fish.

To wreck something it to cause destruction, and havoc is also destruction and devastation. So you mean you want to destroy devastation? It isn’t wreck havoc – it’s wreak (pronounced reek) havoc – means to inflict destruction or punishment

The right way to say it: Wreak havoc  CORRECT!!!

If you want to be a true American, don’t go around sounding like a foreigner. Speak your official national language correctly!