Ever Wonder What Happened to Thelma and Louise?

Ever wonder what happened with the Thelma & Louise car after their 1991 suicide plunge?

Well, I did…

Thelma & Louise


…this is what’s left of the actual car. Really.

The image comes from a site called HighestBridges.com. The car is located in Dead Horse State Park, where the final plunge was filmed. The park is located just outside of Moab, Utah.

Thelma & Louise car1

A view from the top of the cliff. The remains of Thelma & Louise are still entangled in the wreckage.


Thelma & Louise car2

5 thoughts on “Ever Wonder What Happened to Thelma and Louise?

  1. Athila says:

    Im not sure if its the actual car.
    In the last scene ( alternate ending ) we can see the car going to the river.. Why they would left the car after teh shooting??

    • Werner says:

      You never see the car go into the river, or to be fair, hit the ground. Camera angle and compression from the zoom lens does distort appearances. As for why the film makers left the car behind is anyone’s guess. Perhaps it was as simple as being cheaper to pay a fine to the state than pay for all the equipment to bring the wreckage out of the canyon.

      • Patrick says:

        If you watch the alternate ending, it shows more footage of the cars descent. It seems to hit ground trunk first, and by the pictures of the wreckage it shows that, as the hood is more intact. This wreckage was one of the stunt cars which their were two stunt and five total. One which sold at auction in 2008.

  2. Athila says:

    If you search pictures ( or even google earth) from that area, you will see that theres only river down there. Im pretty sure about that, Plus.. that area is frequently visited by tourists and boats. This is the only reason Im still unconvinced. ( Otherwise, there should have more pictures or videos from this wreckage… I mean, 80% of guides mentions the movie when they are passing by the area with tourists. If theres a wreckage from the car, they would tell about it. So, I dont know… maybe they moved the car to other area…

    I am a fan of this movie. Call me crazy but I always wanted to know what they did with the car, the stunts.. I was so hopeful when the blu ray edition came out. I was expecting to see any picture or video of they removing the car from the canyon…. lol


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