Ghost Hunters Halloween Party!

Okay, had to take a break from NaNoWriMo prep to go to an awesome Halloween Party at the Spalding Inn, in Whitefield, NH. The Inn is owned by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters fame (on the SyFy channel). I met Jason & Grant over 3 years ago. I was their first guest at the Spalding Inn when they opened in April 2009. Jason and I hit it off immediately and have a good time whenever we get together. Loly and I first went to their Halloween Party in 2010, and had a great time. This year we even had a better time. We met a lot of good people and we had a great time all around. We drank, ate and dance a lot.

I forgot to get pictures of Grant’s cool Steampunk Ghost Hunter outfit. I asked and he was gracious enough to provide me with some pics. He made that ghost pack himself from scratch!

Steampunk Grant – Front

Steampunk Grant – back

Steampunk Ghost Pack

Both Jason and I have changed a bit over the past 3+ years. Don’t you think?




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