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One of the ways I like to get motivated to start a writing session or to get through a block, is to listen to a good writing podcast to spark that creative power surge.

These are some of my favorites:

The Self Publishing Podcast – with Johnny B. Truant, David Wright and Sean Platt


This is a great podcast. All these guys self-publish their own books and talk about what it takes to write and publish your own ebooks. David and Sean collaborate on several series ebooks like Yesterday’s Gone, and their latest zombie series Z 2134. Johnny is the author of The Bialy Pimps and Fat Vampire.

These guys are fairly new to podcasting, but so far they are doing a great job. They’re fun to listen to. Some of the language can be a little rough for some listeners and they tend to get off track and can be sophomoric at times. However, the content of their podcasts are terrific. They cover topics like:

  • Writing Process that will Make You a Better Writer
  • Importance of a Writer’s Mastermind
  • World building
  • Writing Rituals
  • Serialization

They’ve also done interviews with:

  • Hugh Howie – author of the wildly popular WOOL series (optioned for a movie)
  • Joanna Penn – author of Pentecost and Prophecy
  • Paul Wolfe – Using Video for Publicity

They keep to a consistent schedule and you may take exception to some of their approaches, but they encourage listener’s feedback. Most of their shows run about 1 hour.

If you like the horror genre, they recently started a horror podcast called Better off Undead http://betteroffundeadshow.com/


The Creative Penn – by Joanna Penn


Joanna is the thriller author and self-publisher of Pentecost (my review) and Prophecy, and is the publisher of her information packed blog the Creative Penn. She also produces fantastic podcasts by the same namel.

Joanna is bright, cheery and friendly, but talks and writes thrillers as good as any man. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Joanna interviews professionals from all aspects of the writing industry including best selling authors, successful indie authors, publishers and marketers.

Some of her podcast topics include:

  • Writing Thrillers and Adventures in Publishing
  • Build a Full-Time Writing Career
  • The Millionaire Author Mindset
  • Wired for Story: Using Brain Science to Hook Readers

Between her blogging, podcasting and writing novels, this is one busy young woman. I don’t know how she does it, but I’m glad she does.


Reading and Writing Podcast – by Jeff Rutherford


Jeff produces a very professional podcast about writers for writers and for people who like to read the authors he interviews weekly. He has great insight into the industry and covers all genres. In each of the interviews he often has the author read a short paragraph of their current work. He asks them about the writing process, their background on how they got started, and discussion of their current novel.

He’s done interviews with:

  • Lee Child
  • Elizabeth Spann Craig
  • Bill Crider
  • Jack Killborn

Most interviews are 15 – 30 minutes in length. Highly recommended.

What are some of your favorite writing podcasts?



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7 thoughts on “Writing Podcasts

  1. Joanna Penn says:

    Thanks Werner – I really appreciate your kind words, and I love the SPP with Johnny, Sean & Dave as well. A must listen with a lot of laughs :)
    I can’t find your twitter handle here but I will tweet it.
    Thanks, Joanna

  2. Werner, thanks for mentioning my Reading & Writing podcast. Much appreciated! I’m uploading a new interview this morning with Allison Leotta.

    • Werner says:

      You’re welcome Jeff. I hope my mentions on the NaNoWriMo forums have given you a bump in listeners. You know I’ll be listening to your latest interview – never miss them.

      • Werner, glad you’re listening.

        Podcasts are a little different from blogs. I don’t always hear from listeners or know who is listening. I’m glad you’re enjoying the interview. I have 20+ interviews already recorded, and I average a new interview once a week or so.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on writing podcast.

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