Book Review: Let’s Write a Short Story! by Joe Bunting

Let’s Write a Short Story! is a direct and to the point guide to writing compelling short stories for publication. In the book Joe coaches, motivates and challenges you to not only write a short story, but submit it for publication to literary journals and magazines.

At once Joe describes the hard, honest reality of what it takes to get published in a literary journal or magazine, but assures you it can be done and shows you how.

He gives you the key distinctions of what a short story is and how it differs from longer forms of storytelling. There are frequent writing prompts to get you into the creative flow.

The book is informative while and the writing’s economical – cutting to the chase and giving you what you need to get started fast. It’s an easy read packed with great content discussing topics such as three different story structure types:

  1. The classic 3-Act Structure
  2. The Book Jacket Structure
  3. A Story with a Hole in it

Besides description, action and dialog; the book explores subjects like: varying sentence length, being lyrical, using allusions and eponyms, alliteration, consonance and assonance. If you’re not sure what these are – you will after reading Let’s Write a Short Story!

The book also effectively covers:

  • A fantastic section on editing your story
  • How to format your story for submission
  • Writing a cover letter that gets results
  • How to promote your writing
  • Building a platform that works

If you ever wanted to write good short stories that’ll get read, or want to use the short story platform to jump start your writing career, I can’t think of a better book than Let’s Write a Short Story! You’ll refer to it again and again.

You can join other like-minded short story tellers at Joe’s other site:

Joe Bunting is also the publisher of the blog The Write Practice, which in itself is a great writer’s resource.

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