Lawrence Block Fans Go Topless For A Thriller


Like many professional authors, Lawrence Block has written under a few pennames over the years, one of them being that of Jill Emerson. Block/Emerson has authored seven novels including lesbian fiction and erotica.  Miss Emerson has now come out with a Hard Case Crime novel entitled Getting Off, with the subtitle “a novel of sex and violence.”

A throwback to classic pulp thrillers, this one follows a sexy serial killer who goes by many names, traveling around the country picking up unsuspecting men that she can get into bed, kill them and bed again. This is one creepy character for sure.

You can read an interesting conversation between Jill Emerson and Lawrence Block about the book Getting Off, on his blog.

Mr. Block also reports that Getting Off has attracted the attention of the newly formed The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society, which in turn has attracted a lot of attention.  The funny thing about the TOC-PFAS is that they mention Block’s book, but that’s it – no review. I guess with a society like that – not many people care if there is a review or not anyway.

Unique to be sure, I wonder who gives who more publicity?


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