My First Published Article: Part 4

Crises continues to rain down on my family and friends. I am at the point now where I’m just angry with it all. To hell with fate and circumstance – I’m getting on with life. I’m not going to let these challenges and obstacles stop me from pursuing the life I want to live.

I have to get a couple of short stories out of my head and onto the page before I continue on with my book-length projects.

On with the show. This is the fourth installment of an entry I made to my private blog from April 26, 2005, concerning the first article I ever wrote for publication.:

Lunch with my editor.

I know this makes it sound as if I sat down with an editor for a novel I have written – that was accepted by one of the big publishing houses. I know it’s not and the title should read ‘Lunch with My Editor (for the time being)’, but I am enjoying the illusion.

Jeff is the editor-in-chief for Iron Horse Magazine. After having corresponded with him for over four months, we both finally found the time to meet. He came to my office on in Harvard Square about 1 p.m.. Being a one-time food editor for the Boston Herald, he suggested going to a yuppie/bistro pizza place called Cambridge 1, on Church St.. They serve large pita-styled flat bread, and have toppings like arugula, shaved steak and goat cheese – chicken, artichoke and Portobello mushroom – you get the picture.

Upon meeting, we remarked how the other looks far different than what each of us had pictured. He said, “You’re a lot bigger than I ever imagined” like I’ve never heard that before. I told him that he was younger (and I didn’t mention scruffier) than I had imagined. Jeff is six-foot tall, a little slouch shouldered with a wiry build. He has longish mouse brown hair; a face scarred by acne, and intense blue/green eyes. He was dressed as if he was either ready to go on a day hike or hop on a skateboard. Jeff is very direct. When he talks to you, he looks you right in the eye.

We went over the article I submitted. He explained a few modifications that were made and where he tightened it up. We also spoke about a new article I am beginning work on this week. It’s going to be an expose’ on a custom painter in Wilmington, Mass. In addition, we tossed about the idea of my taking a trip to Knoxville, Tennessee for the Honda Hoot and writing about it for the magazine.

Considering his size, I think Jeff either he has a very high metabolism or a tapeworm. He ordered three half-pizzas and devoured whatever I couldn’t. During the meal, I interviewed Jeff to find out a little more about him.

He graduated with a dual degree in journalism and photojournalism so he could make himself more marketable. After graduation, he began as a freelance photographer on the rock music circuit. He then got a gig being the photographer and eventual photo editor and writer for a popular skateboarding magazine. He toured extensively all over the U.S. and Canada. He did this for eight years, but knew he wanted to be a senior editor of a magazine. He soon became the Food editor for the Boston Herald and then the editor/photographer for the Art and Music section of the Herald, for another four years.

Now he’s entirely responsible for putting out Iron Horse Magazine every three months, but after September, they will be going on a bi-monthly schedule. He said that as long as I can bring him some good ideas, he’d have work for me.

Overall, it was a good lunch. I found Geoff to be an extremely hard working person, but knew how to have fun at the same time. He takes his work very seriously and doesn’t put up with bullshit and he will let you know it right away. I like his direct, no nonsense, don’t make excuses attitude. It’s the only way to get things started and done in a timely manner – and he does.