Back in the Saddle Again

Yesterday, I received a call from Geoff, the editor in chief of Iron Horse magazine. He wanted to know if I had any article ideas for upcoming issues. I was flattered that he came to me. We talked over some things, and I mentioned a custom painter I saw at a bike show this past January. I also told him that I am in the process of trying to upgrade to a bigger bike so that I can make a trek out to Knoxville, Tennessee for something called “The Honda Hoot”. It’s sort of like a bike week gathering for the large number of members in the Honda Rider’s Club of America.

Today Geoff called back and said he researched the custom painter at and liked what he saw. He spoke to the owner Eric Silverio, and he’d be pleased to have us do an article on his shop. Geoff was also excited about the prospects of my going out to Knoxville. He wants me to do an article about that if I go. He just wants to find a professional photographer to either travel with me or meet me there.

After I got off the phone with Geoff, I called Eric. We are going to meet on Friday morning so I can interview him. I let Geoff know and he suggested meeting for lunch tomorrow (his treat) to get to know each other better and go over what I’m going to cover in the article.

I’m not going to get rich from writing these articles, but the experience I gain from researching, interviewing and writing is indispensable – and the extra income is nice too. This is beginning to take off just in the way I hoped it might.

[Update: Krazy Kustoms is no longer in business]

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